Farewell London

After careful consideration, I have decided to leave the UK at the end of September.

I felt it would be unfair to leave those who have been waiting to meet me without the option to see me, so I will be offering a limited number of in person bookings in August and September.

I haven’t seen any clients since early March so this will be a very special farewell for me!
Don’t worry, I will continue to offer virtual sessions from October, I’m not disappearing completely 😉

Due to the ongoing pandemic, enhanced health and safety procedures are in place. Unfortunately I will not be able to see you if you’re in a high risk group for your own safety.

Before our booking:

– I will only see 1 client every two weeks. I ask that you do the same before our meeting: please limit your public space interactions (no going to the pub, no unnecessary trips on public transport), always wear a mask when out and about, monitor your temperature and continue to wash your hands regularly.
– Bookings will be a minimum of 90 min to account for the special measures.
Payment in full must be made via bank transfer 24 hours before our booking to ensure the transfer is successful.
– I will take a cab to the booking to avoid exposure on public transport. I suggest that you do the same.

During our booking:

– I will bring cleaning supplies to make sure the space is extra safe.
– We will both shower thoroughly before and after getting physical.
– I will provide nitrile gloves for all digital insertions.
– As always oral services will be protected.

By booking with me you agree to these measures.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Click here to book.

B x