The Girlfriend Experience

Deep French kissing: have a taste of my sumptuous lips, I’m an expert in passionate necking.

Oral on me: submerge yourself in my silky long bush and taste my delicious juices.

Hand play: my small but strong hands can guide your orgasms. I also welcome some fingering myself.

Oral on you (protected): experience the prowess of my long and strong tongue.

Penetration (protected): missionary, doggy style, cowgirl.. pleasure is in the variety of positions!

Cuddling: always up for some before/during/after-sex cuddles.

Date night out: I love going to the theatre, ballet, opera, cinema.. your pick!

Not offered: CIM, facials, bareback, deepthroating/facefucking, anal penetration.

Sensual Domination:

Are you new to kink? If you like a girlfriend with a naughty side but you’re not really interested in the harder stuff, this is the section for you.

Face sitting: have my full weight on you to better experience my juices.

Light spanking: have you been naughty? I’ll teach you a lesson.

Scratching, biting and tickling: a kitten at heart, let me show you my claws.

Toys: enjoy toys? So do I! You’re welcome to bring your own.

Tie and tease: have all your senses alerted with this one.

Foot worship: make me relax with a good foot rub, toe sucking, shoe licking..

Temperature play: wax, ice, hot and cold liquids.

Verbal domination: words can be the worst torture.

Role play: share your fantasies, I’m open to suggestions (no age or r*pe play).

Food sex (sploshing): I love eating and I love playing with my food.


…And for the more extreme players:

I have a natural predisposition for domination and sadism – I thoroughly enjoy it!

Political domination: Right-wing voter? On your knees. This left-wing domme will make you pay for your political transgressions.

Strap-on: my very favourite activity! Variety of sizes available.

Fisting you: my small but strong hands will bring you ecstasy.

Facefucking you: fist, fingers, dildos.. one of my favourite activities!

CBT: urethral sounds, pegs, high heels, Warternberg wheels, etc.

Impact play: whether you enjoy some bare-handed spanking or prefer some hard flogging, this is one of my favourite activities.

Pet play: love my puppies, kittens and ponies!

Chastity: bring me a device and I will make you regret asking for this.

Sadism: I love causing pain and keeping you on your toes.

Spitting: taste my saliva in your mouth, face or anywhere else.

Trampling: experience my weight on your back or chest with Doc Martens boots, high heels or barefoot.

Period play: let’s break the taboo.

Cuckholding: watch me have sex with another woman.

Forced bi: too scared to have queer sex yourself? I’ll make you then. You’ll enjoy it, I promise.


All activities offered are subject to previous discussion before the session. Some options may require you to bring your own equipment or purchase it for me as a gift for us to enjoy together.

Do not call me mistress, I prefer to be addressed as Goddess.

Not offered: waterboarding, forced intoxication, smoking, race play, hardsports, watersports.